Lowboy-make clothing storage more convenience

Lowboy is an indispensable item in our life, everyone will definitely have a lowboy in their home, a good lowboy can help us keep the bedroom tidy and orderly, and make our life easier and more enjoyable.

The importance of lowboy:

  1. Storage function. A lowboy is a place to store and protect personal clothing, a high-quality and designed lowboy can provide a clean and tidy environment for clothing, help to prolong the life of clothing and maintain a good appearance.
  2. Spatial planning and order. Lowboy can help manage and optimize bedroom space, and a reasonable Lowboy design and layout can make things neatly placed, thus creating a neat and orderly living environment.
  3. Multi-functional combination. In the modern home, lowboy is not just a simple place to store clothes, it can also be combined with books, dressing tables, TVs, etc., which not only meets our various needs, but also saves a lot of space.
  4. Reasonable partitioning. Lowboy can make reasonable use of space, so that the division is more clear, we can use Lowboy to distinguish our clothes according to our own usage habits. For example, you can divide the left and right areas of the lowboy into male and female areas, and you can also put underwear, ties and socks in separate drawers and compartments, which is not only convenient for the maintenance of clothes, but also very intuitive and convenient, making it easier to access.

The Sicily 7-Drawer Lowboy is a popular product for W1500×D460×H740, with a pale yellow wood grain structure on the top and white underneath. It has a total of seven drawers, the first layer is three small drawers side by side, and the second and third floors are two large drawers side by side, which is very conducive to the partitioning of clothes, and people can separate socks, underwear, ties, shirts, scarves and other clothes according to their own needs, which is more convenient to access. It's made from New Zealand Pine with a Solid Ash Top and is made of fine materials, so you don't need to worry about its quality at all. Its price is $999 (Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout.) That's just the lowboy price, and if you need a mirror from above, you'll also need to pay $159. The Sicily 7-Drawer Lowboy is located a space from the ground, which makes it less susceptible to moisture inside.

In addition to its own excellent material, good maintenance methods can also allow the lowboy to prolong the use time:

  1. Keep it clean. During cleaning, it can be wiped with a semi-damp cloth and do not use corrosive cleaning agents. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a small brush to remove dust from the rails.
  2. Prevent heavy objects. In order to prevent heavy objects from coming into contact with sharps, damage to the box and door panels should be avoided so that the edges of the box cannot come into contact with water and other liquid solutions.
  3. Pay attention to ventilation. In order to avoid moisture on the lowboy and clothes, ventilate or use dehumidifier frequently, if the indoor air and weather are too humid, open the doors and windows frequently for ventilation, and put dry lime or other desiccant on the corner of the lowboy to avoid mildew.
  4. The slide rail should be lubricated regularly. When taking the clothes, the drawer of the lowboy is constantly opened and closed, and it will be drier if used too many times, and it will affect the use for a long time, and it will be more convenient to apply lubricating oil to the slide rail.

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