bookcase nz --large storage capacity also saves space

large storage capacity also saves space



Bookcases nz play a very important role in home life, it is not only a place to store books, but also a carrier of the Chinese atmosphere of the home.

First, the characteristics of the bookcase.

Storage function: The primary function of the bookcase is to store books and sundries, so that the books at home can be stored in a neat and orderly manner, and avoid the clutter caused by random stacking of books.

Decorative role: The appearance design of the bookcase is often simple and generous, which can be integrated into various home styles and become a beautiful landscape in the home. At the same time, the books in the bookcase can also be used as decorations, showing the owner's taste and hobbies.

Functional diversity: The design of modern bookcases pays more and more attention to functional diversity, in addition to the basic storage functions, it also adds a variety of functions such as display shelves, drawers, and storage cabinets to meet the storage needs of different families.

Diverse materials: The materials of bookcases are also diverse, such as solid wood, boards, glass, metal, etc. Different materials have different characteristics and advantages, such as solid wood bookcases are environmentally friendly and durable, board bookcases are affordable, etc.

Second, the selection of bookcases.

Size and space: When choosing a bookcase, the first thing to consider is size and space. Choose the right bookcase size for the size and layout of the room to make sure the bookcase blends into the room and doesn't look too crowded or empty.

Load-bearing capacity: The load-bearing capacity of the bookcase is also one of the factors to consider. Choose a bookcase with a high load-bearing capacity to ensure that books and clutter can be stored safely in the bookcase.

Material and environmental protection: When choosing a bookcase, you should also pay attention to the material and environmental issues. Choose environmentally friendly and healthy materials, and avoid choosing bookcases that contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

Design style: The design style of the bookcase should be coordinated with the style of the home. You can choose different styles of bookcases such as simple, modern, and retro to match the decoration style of your home.

Functional needs: When choosing a bookcase, you should also consider your own functional needs. If you need a display shelf to display your collections, or you need drawers to store your sundries, etc. Choose the right bookcase style and function according to your needs.

Our Sicily narrow bookcase is made of New Zealand Pie with a Solid Ash Top, the material of solid wood is very environmentally friendly and durable, but in the process of use, we should pay attention to moisture, pay attention to drying and ventilation, its size and specifications are W600×D320×H1900, the whole is very narrow, it will not take up too much space in the home, but it is very high, it can maximize the space and store a lot of books. This Sicily narrow bookcase is white as a whole, which can make the whole home style atmospheric and high-end, the top is a light yellow log cover, which is simple and not monotonous, it has a total of six grids, the height and space of each grid are also very large, you can partition different kinds of books, and you can also place some sundries or decorations on the top lid. This Sicily narrow bookcase was previously priced at $699, but now it can be purchased for only $599.

Bookcases are an indispensable part of home life. Choosing the right bookcase can not only meet your storage needs, but also improve the overall quality and atmosphere of your home. If you have any needs, welcome to contact us.

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