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Blanket box is one of the more common household products, it was originally designed to be used as a piece of furniture for blankets, but in everyday use, it is not only used for blankets, it is also used by people to hold a range of household items.

In daily life, people often have a lot of things that do not know how to place, it is not easy to find in the wardrobe, and it will also affect the orderliness of the clothes, and it is more messy to place directly at home, affecting the neatness of the whole space.

The blanket box we produce is in the shape of a cuboid as a whole, with a white appearance, a light brownish yellow log inside, and four small white wooden stakes at the bottom, so that the cabinet as a whole can maintain a certain space with the ground, which can prevent the blanket box from contacting with water stains and other pollutants to a certain extent, and ensure its service life. It is made of New Zealand Pie with a Solid Ash Top, the wooden structure is more durable and durable, and will make the space at home feel warm, but the wooden furniture must pay attention to keep the inside dry and ventilated during use, so that the items stored inside can be kept soft and dry, and the service life can be prolonged. It is W1200× D400× H440 in size, can store more blankets, and its price is 399 US dollars. The Blanket Box has a sturdy lid that connects the lid to the cabinet with high-quality materials, making it very easy to use and is very effective in preventing the ingress of dust and water damage.

If there are no children at home, this blanket box can be used to store blankets, sheets, underwear, pillows, etc., if there are children at home, it can also be used to store children's toys, dolls, clothes, etc., it has many uses, whether it is a very practical furniture for adults or children. Because it is wooden furniture, we must pay attention to ventilation and keep it dry during use, so as not to cause it to mold and smell, you can occasionally open the curtains during the day to let it contact the sun, and you can also place desiccant inside, both of which can be very effective in alleviating moisture.

The above is the introduction of blanket box, if you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to serve you.

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